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Eliminate Unwanted Hair

Diolaze is a laser hair removal treatment that eliminates unwanted hair quickly and gently. Although there are many hair removal procedures available, Diolaze offers one of the largest available treatment spot sizes. This makes Diolaze one of the most efficient solutions on the market. Unlike shaving and waxing, Diolaze offers lasting results and will not damage your skin, especially in sensitive areas.

How Does Diolaze Work?

Diolaze utilizes a diode laser beam that is passed through skin to directly target hair follicles. The procedure heats up the hair at its roots which will prevent any future growth. For your comfort, Diolaze has a built-in cooling feature which soothes the surface of your skin during your treatment. Most patients report either very little or no pain at all during their Diolaze procedure. If you’ve avoided laser hair removal treatments in the past because of the pain factor, Diolaze may be the perfect choice for you.

To achieve your desired results, you will likely require a series of Diolaze treatments. All laser treatments are most effective when your hair follicles have reached a mature stage of growth. However, your individual hair follicles are all at different stages of growth at any given time. Receiving multiple treatments over a period of time will ensure that you properly treat each follicle. After your series of treatments is complete, you will have achieved a perfectly smooth look and feel. Plus, because the treatment prevents your hair from growing back, you will also enjoy long-lasting results.

Diolaze treatments can safely be performed on nearly every area of the body. Some of the most popular treatment areas include the bikini line, arms, underarms, legs, back, and chest. Because Diolaze has one of the largest treatment areas, this procedure is perfect for patients who want a quick but effective solution for their unwanted hair. Diolaze will help you free yourself from razors and painful waxing treatments once and for all.

There are generally no medical requirements for being a candidate for a Diolaze treatment, however, one of our medical professionals will speak to you about your specific case. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.