Under the weather? Long weekend? Simply looking to reduce stress and have more energy? Whatever your wellness goals, drop in at Layan Laser & Skin Center for just the right drip hydration therapy.

So much of our health and wellness depends on our inner balance of hydration, vitamins, and nutrients. With IV hydration therapy from Layan Laser & Skin Center in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, you can come into our peaceful setting and start feeling better again in just one hour. Enjoy more energy and better performance, all while tapping into the body’s unique healing potential.

Menu & Price List of IV Therapies

1Signature Blends
Max Strength Myers' Cocktail - $199
Max strength when you need it most. This blend is the best possible option for cold/flu, fatigue, boosting energy, hydration, and more.

Instant Energy Infusion - $169
Your active lifestyle demands a lot from your body. This blend give you energy and nutrients you need to keep going and performing at peak levels.

Immunity & Wellness Booster - $149
Staying healthy and active is essential in avoiding sickness like the cold and flu. This blend give you the vitamins and minerals to keep your immune system in top shape.

Rapid Hangover Cure - $149
Did you party a little too much last night? This blend will rehydrate your body and replace vitamins and minerals that have been depleted from alcohol consumption. It also helps relieve symptoms and reduce inflammation.

Pure Hydration Mix - $99
Pure hydration delivered right to your bloodstream. These fluids are infused with electrolytes to give you a healthy, effective hydration formula.
2Premium Blends
The Master - $299
The strongest IV blend we offer. We took the Myers' cocktail an extra level to be the most effective for ANY kind of viral infection, illness, or condition.

Optimum Weight Management - $249
Formulated for weight loss assistance. We recommend that patients receive this IV 2-4 times a month.

Emergency Migraine & Headache - $259
Formulated for relief from even the worst migraines and headaches. This blend will also help with inflammation and nausea common with migraines and headaches.

Premier Anti-Aging & Beauty - $299
Formulated with Anti-Aging and Beauty in mind. This blend contains higher doses of Vitamin C and Glutathione, which have both shown results in eliminating free radicals and improving skin collagen and elasticity, making you look and feel younger. We combine these powerful ingredients with NAD+, which is widely used in the beauty industry to help with reversing the signs of aging.
3Injections (All Injections are IM not IV)
Vitamin B12 - $25

Fat Burner/B12 - $50

Super "B" Energy Blend - $50

Ultimate Performance - $50

Trifecta Immune Booster - $75

Nausea Relief - $60

Anti-Inflammatory - $40

Hangover Shot - $80

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