At Layan Laser and Skin Center, Dr. Mazen Munir specializes in laser skin renewal and a variety of other rejuvenation procedures

Skin Rejuvenation

Stop hiding, and start showing off your body. Get healthier, firmer, skin that you aren't afraid to show off. The Layan Laser and Skin Center offers laser skin renewal using state of the art equipment for fast, lasting results.

ICON Aesthetic System

The ICON laser system used here at Layan Laser & Skin Center provides many lasting skin renewal options. Just a few simple treatments is all it takes to reduce excess pigmentation, tighten skin, and increase collagen production to leave your skin looking younger. Our laser system also works on skin blemishes, brown spots, scars, freckles, and more. Call or stop by today for a consultation.

Laser Skin Renewal

Laser skin renewal can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, spider veins, flushing associated with Rosacea, brown spots, and more. These procedures work by using lasers and Intense Pulse Light, IPL, to eliminate excess pigmentation, tighten the skin, and increase collagen production.

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Questions & Answers

1What are the Benefits of Laser Skin Renewal?
Laser skin renewal procedures offer specific benefits and can be used to help skin look and feel years younger. Lasers can be used to effectively reduce the visible appearance of wrinkles, increase collagen production, improve elasticity, reduce the appearance of blemishes and scars, spider veins, and the flushing associated with rosacea. Skin renewal procedures are also effective at reducing the appearance of blemishes, like freckles, acne scars, enlarged pores, and brown spots. As the lasers work to eliminate excess pigmentation and tighten the skin, they also increase the production of collagen fibers effectively toning and renewing the appearance of the skin. Lasers are effective at slowing down the aging process and giving the skin a natural, healthy glow. In most cases, a patient can resume their daily activities within a few hours of a laser skin rejuvenation procedure.
2What are the Effects of Overexposure to the Sun?
Sun damage is caused by repeated exposure to direct sunlight or the ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere. There are various types of sun damage other than sunburn. Premature aging, dryness, wrinkles, creases, and lines are common effects of overexposure to the sun. Laser skin revitalization can help to correct many of these problems. As the skin becomes more damaged over time, the tissues underneath can be adversely affected resulting in blemishes and imperfections that only worsen as the person ages. Premature aging is one of the most common conditions treated by laser skin rejuvenation. Over the years, repeated exposure to ultraviolet rays can increase a person's risk of skin cancer.
3What Causes Brown Spots?
Brown spots are caused by an increase in pigmentation or melanin. Also referred to as liver spots, age spots, or sun spots, these skin imperfections can appear as a result of spending too much time in the sun. They also begin to appear as a person ages. Although there are many questions about what causes brown spots to form, many attribute them to over exposure to direct sunlight or ultraviolet rays. It is believed that anything that stresses the skin can cause melanin or skin pigment to travel to the area. Brown spots are not the same as scars but may appear as a skin discoloration in areas where an injury has occurred.
4Do Laser Skin Renewal Procedures Have Side Effects?
Laser skin renewal procedures may produce mild side effects, especially for individuals who have extremely sensitive skin. A laser skin procedure can sometimes result in redness, warmth, and mild irritation near the treatment site. Over the next few days, the areas may be tender to the touch and look as if the skin or tissues near the treatment area is slightly bruised. Most side effects will dissipate within a few hours of the procedure. Others that involve the deeper layers of tissue, like bruising and tenderness may last for a few days longer. Any side effects should be reported to the physician who performed the procedure.
5How Long do the Effects of a Skin Renewal Procedure Last?
Laser skin renewal procedures can have long lasting effects. For many patients, the effects of skin renewal procedures can be permanent, depending on the reason behind the procedure. Once a scar or blemish has been removed, it will not reappear. When procedures are used to resurface the skin, the results will be long lasting but may fall short of being permanent if the patient spends long hours outside. Laser skin renewal procedures that are used to tighten and tone the skin, may offer long lasting results, but as the skin ages, the problems most people experience with aging will often return.

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